Position: Lead Developer


Lead team efforts in developing software, writing code and testing applications. Research, architect, document, and modify software throughout the complete production life cycle. Develop, maintain, and test the Fair Economy website and product offering in a LAMP environment. Analyze issues to identify the scope and impact of new requirements or enhance working systems. Design and implement long-term goals and short-term tactical plans for managing and maintaining applications. Optimize PHP and MySQL by increasing code/query efficiency and implementing data caching. Work with the team to plan projects and determine resource requirements. Design, code, inspect, and test program modules to meet the criteria and deliverables identified within the software specification to the required quality and timescale. Analyze and remediate production software errors. Recommend and implement effective development and test environments. Test systems’ performance and targeted functionalities. Support and maintain server infrastructure, overseeing the regular maintenance of hardware and software configurations. Implement software solutions to achieve required business specifications while ensuring uninterrupted portal performance. Utilize object oriented MVC framework and AJAX framework in a high load, high traffic environment. Assist with the preparation and documentation of program requirements and specifications. Stay current in development technologies to continually enhance Fair Economy services. Contribute to enhancing software development standards and department strategies. Provide technical expertise and support for the IT team and the business. Utilize programming languages such as XML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, MySQL, C#, and ActionScript to meet objectives.


Four (4) years of software development, software architecting, or related experience including: experience enhancing site performance in a high load, high traffic environment; site/server monitoring with both automated statistic tracking and manual server tracking; optimizing page loading utilizing techniques such as GZIP compression, image optimization, LESS CSS, and Google Closure Compiler; developing AJAX framework for preloading data requests; developing PHP Object Oriented MVC flex framework and search engines; designing and developing C# backend/PHP front end infrastructures; and utilizing vBulletin 3, LAMP, MVC, JavaScript, ActionScript, C#, Git, JIRA, Scrum, Kanban, NewRelic, PHP, MySQL, CSS, and XML.


To apply, send your resume and contact details to the following address:

Fair Economy, Inc., Attn: B. Gasparini
100 North Tampa Street, Suite 1935
Tampa FL 33602